Legal Base? Is this necessary?

Due to some judgements concerning the internet, people are not sure how to behave in the net.

The question is, what am I allowed to do, what is not allowed, and what is in my responsibility.

To give you (and me) at least some security, here some statements:.

Correctness of data on my web-site

All information like technical data, time-tables, prices, dates etc. are provided using best practice. Nevertheless these information's may be imperfect, this is why I cannot take any warranty for correctness.
To improve the quality of these pages, please give me a hint when you detect something wrong.


The latest judgements concerning spam-mail are surely appreciated by most people, to get rid of overflowing mail boxes.
On the other hand, an invitation to an event or for support of a certain project could also be seen as unwanted publicity.
For my part, I would never accuse anybody sending my this type of mail, as long as it remains within reasonable boundaries. My mailbox will be open for all sending me information, questions, comments etc.

Besides, please do not send me large e-mails (> 300 kB) without informing me in a separate mail.

Usage of data from my web-site (Copyright)

I was frequently asked, if the data from my web-site may be used for presentations etc.
In general, the non-commercial use of my data is OK, since I am also using data from other people in my site. In this case, please be so kind to add a copyright statement indicating the source of data and to give me a note. If you would like to use data I received from other authors, you should ask these directly.

For commercial use of my data please contact me first.


I cannot take any responsibility concerning external links, neither for the correctness of the URL, nor for the contents. If you detect dead links or links to sites containing illegal, pornographic material or material violating human rights, please give me a note.

I explain formally, that I do not have any influence concerning the formation and the contents of any hyperlinked external pages. I explain that I do not conform with any contents of externally linked pages. This is valid for all links on my home site and all pages connected vie links or banners.

Protection of private data

I will not distribute any information about the visitors of my site to third parties in any way. This is also why I do not forward any mail, except when I am explicitly asked to do so.

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